Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hex Beam antenna


I am currently looking at building a Hexx wire beam antenna. Due to space restrictions and various things w.r.t antennas in New Zealand I do think that this antenna can work for me.
I had a browse around and found a couple of websites referring to hexx beams and how to make it.It seems fairly easy and with a 5 band version all on one feed line it is well worth investigating.
Here is a picture of a typical Hexx beam:

So, how should I start,I managed to get a aluminium base plate at a scrap metal shop for a good price, Picked up some old PVC 20mm tube in 2 m lenghts and have wire I collected over the years.I made the PVC into 2m lengths to accommodate a 3 band antenna which will host 10m / 12m / 15m (28mhz / 24mhz / 21mhz).Now I made the aluminium base plate into a HEXX shape. With my thinking cap on I managed to make a Hexx shape. What a story if you do not have a compass.

The Wire needs to be added and this is what it should look like from above once completed.


I will post pictures as I progress so be sure to check back to follow my progress.


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