Thursday, September 26, 2013

VHF antenna 144-146 mhz


The antenna in the figure is for the radio amateur band 144 - 146 MHz. Despite the fact that the antenna has five elements, it is not large, decent gain of 4 - 6 dB. This antenna for the 144 - 146 MHz is sufficient broadband and covers the entire two-meter amateur band. The antenna does not need a matching device, coaxial cable is connected directly to the vibrator. Antenna for the 144 - 146 can be made of wire with a diameter of 5 mm or pipes traverse can be wooden or made of the same material as the antenna elements. It is not advisable to use materials in combination aluminum / copper. The antenna does not need to set up, small inaccuracies sizes have virtually no effect on its performance. Who figured this antenna I do not know, but in this town it is used a lot of amateurs, dignity is a compact size. Easily fits in your car, can be used as a marching variant. Unfortunately more information about this antenna for the 144 - 146 MHz is not. Often use this antenna in a vertical polarization.

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