Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wire antenna type cubic American ham

In the American Journal of QST for 1973 hobbyist WA1MKR Max Blumer was proposed antenna, which is a wire loop with a perimeter equal to the wavelength. The figure shows that the wire loop and the principle of its formation. Was based on a common loop antenna ( left panel ) , power points X and Y. This wire frame radiates vertically polarized wave in two directions perpendicular to the plane of the frame antenna A-A '. The figure shows that the center of the antenna is converted into a rectangular wire antenna , wherein the antenna radiation characteristics are not changed. In the following figure the rectangle becomes a cube . With this transformation of the perimeter wire antenna remains unchanged, but the most important thing that the length of the sides of the new antenna is transformed into a cube is reduced to a length of L/10. But unlike conventional wire- frame in this changing pattern of the antenna in the vertical plane of the antenna also radiates vertically polarized wave , but the direction of the radiation is not bi-directional and omni-directional . Author WA1MKR this antenna realized this dish with origins in the 144 MHz antenna is connected to the coaxial cable with an impedance of 50 ohms. SWR was 1.2 ... 1.4 . In the study of pattern was found that all the same it is not really a pie chart , probably because of the shielding properties of the cable and the structure. In the future, the author WA1MKR was made the same wire antenna but for the range of 21 MHz in this band , it was almost the same features except for the SWR, it is not much higher. The antenna has shown good results.
Wire antenna type cube

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