Friday, January 17, 2014

Anti noise wire antenna for MW and LW bands

On this page of their site, I want to tell you that I found this description of the Russian Internet wire antenna , which I was very interested . This wire antenna for observers (SWL). What I'm interested in this dish: the first - is its simplicity , the second - that I have the opportunity to set it up , and the third - this antenna anti noise , well, that this fourth antenna operates in the long and medium waves . About the last ( fourth ) will say that I particularly recently started exactly like the medium wave and long wave bands and radio stations operating amplitude modulation. Real romance for radio amateur observer why I ceased to please ssb I do not know , but it seems just tired of these unnatural narrowband signals. And maybe that's why I decided to turn its attention to the low-frequency ranges . Of course these bands in Russia is very much noise but may be due to its two digital radio WinRadio and SDR-IQ that will work with this wire antenna I get to grips with this problem. This summer I will try to install this antenna . And so I will not steal someone else's article and pictures here and just giving this < link > to it . And to describe briefly what there are articles and pictures I think you will understand even though they are in Russian, everything is clear . For a full translation of an article on this wire antenna , you can use < translator google>. It states that the use of an antenna that receives the magnetic component of the electromagnetic field to reduce the noise level is almost 100 times ! Wire antenna in question in the article is very close to the ground , you can even put it in general . Admission to this antenna is carried out with the direction perpendicular to the plane of the frame antenna , ie reception of the station most distant from the point of finding antenna (similar vertical emitter ) . Due to the fact that the wire antenna is very low to the ground resonance it is missing, it is obtained as a shunt to ground. Dimensions of this antenna is to be performed for the highest frequency band ( wire antenna dimensions for a range of communication and there are doors ) . There's also said that raising it too high , too, do not need , it will lead to a drop in antenna gain . The antenna connected to two coaxial cables , and there are drawings of how to connect these cables to the symmetric and symmetric receiver input . The author writes that he took the radio communication range and doors to all on a very short antenna , but with a short wire antenna becomes difficult to receive distant stations . Generally, if it is not clear that you will be from the translation please contact me by e-mail envelope is below , we will try together to understand this wire antenna for SWL.

(here the translation of the text in the picture)

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