Friday, February 18, 2011

sloping dipole or slipole antenna


The sloping dipole  is popular with those operators who need a low angle of radiation, and are not overburdened with a large amount of land to install the antenna. This antenna is also called the sloper and the slipole in various texts. The author prefers the term “slipole,” in order to distinguish this antenna from a sloping vertical of the same name. Whatever it is called, however, it is a half-wavelength dipole that is built with one end at the top of a support, and the other end close to the  ground, and being fed in the center by coaxial cable. Some of the same comments as obtained for the inverted-vee antenna also apply to the sloping dipole,

Some operators like to arrange four sloping dipoles from the same mast such that they point in different directions around the compass  A single four- position coaxial cable switch will allow switching a directional beam around the compass to favor various places in the world.

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