Friday, February 18, 2011

Tubing coaxial vertical VHF antenna


The sleeve is a piece of copper or brass tubing (pipe) about 1 in in diameter. An end cap is fitted over the end and sweat-soldered into place. The solder is not intended to add mechanical strength, but rather to prevent weathering from destroying the electrical contact between the two pieces. An SO-239 coaxial connector is mounted on the end cap. The coax is connected to the SO-239 inside the pipe, which means making the connection before mounting the end cap.

The radiator element is a small piece of tubing (or brazing rod) soldered to the center conductor of a PL-259 coaxial connector. An insulator is used to prevent the rod from shorting to the outer shell of the PL-259. (Note: an insulator salvaged from the smaller variety of banana plug can be shaved a small amount witha fine file and made to fit inside the PL-259. Alternatively, the radiator element can be soldered to a banana plug. The normal-size banana plug happens to fit into the female center conductor of the SO-239.

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