Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Balancing and matching of the antenna and power lines using two identical segments wire line

Previously discussed the coordination and balancing of the antenna and the power line using a ferrite ring. But alignment and balancing can be done using two-wire line segments having their own impedance Z1 (in the figure) of the same length equal to a quarter wavelength (L / 4) and connected in parallel to each other at the connection point feeder BB. At the points AA intervals one pair of wires are connected with each other and another pair of wires connected to the segments of the antenna. This scheme allows not only to symmetrize but also to match the antenna. Length of the two segments should be strictly the same and should be designed with the condition of shortening of K equal to 0.66 for coaxial cables. Also keep in mind that the points BB is full of tension and convergence wire line baluns can change their input resistance.
balancing and matching of the antenna and the power supply line

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