Friday, June 27, 2014

Loop Antennas - Delta Loops and Square (Quad) Loops and more


Delta Loops for HF  -  "You'll love lower noise and relative gain over a dipole"
One Stealthy Delta - This HF antenna keeps a low visual profile while attracting plenty of attention on the air.
An excellent and amusing article by Steve Ford, WB8IMY
Random length multi-band delta loop antenna – A good antenna for when a dipole isn't enough by KC8AON
An Easy to Install Vertical Loop for 80-6 Meters by John Reisenauer, Jr. KL7JR
M0PLK Multiband Delta Antenna - By Arthur M0PLK (SQ2PLK)  available at  and
H5ANX Mk4 Delta Loop Design by Sajid Rahim
Multiband H.F. Delta Loop by IW5EDI:,28
SGC Stealthy H.F. Delta Loop:
KL7JR Easy H.F. Delta Loop:
H.F. Loop Antenna from Radioworks:

W6ZDO Portable H.F. Delta Loop Project:
Loop Antenna Notes by "Yukon John" KL7JR
Build a Multi-Band Mono Delta Loop for 40, 30, 20 and 15 Meters by Jose I. Calderon (DU1ANV)
DL2HCB Multiband Delta Loop,28
The Delta Loop (Skywire) Antenna - Legends, Theory and Reality
Loop Antenna notes and ideas from Radioworks
Delta Loops by GW7AAV
More Delta Loop links:
Magnetic Loops:
Small Transmitting Loop Antennas (Magnetic Loop Antennas) by Steve Yates - AA5TB

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